Selecting the Right Jewelry Care Products

  • Mar 15
Selecting the Right Jewelry Care Products

Just like choosing the right skincare routine depends on a number of factors such as skin type and age, choosing the right jewelry care products calls for assessing your needs wisely. Here we cover how to choose the right jewelry care products for your care assortment.

The first question to tackle: what kind of jewelry do you wear?

Do you have bridal jewelry? Then, consider a Clean + Care® Fine Jewelry Cleaner or Jewelry Cleaning Stick, both of which make cleaning diamond and other rings a breeze at home or on the road.

Do you wear a fine watch? Consider a Clean + Care® Ultrasonic Cleaner, which uses ultrasonic wave technology to remove grime and oils from watch bracelets. The included watch holder suspends the watch face above the water to safely clean only water resistant pieces. For quick touch-ups between ultrasonic cleanings, we recommend Clean + Care® Jewelry + Watch Cleaning Wipes.

Do you love pearls, opals and other softer gemstones? You will need to choose a gentle jewelry cleaning formula like Clean + Care® Gentle Jewelry Cleaner or the Clean + Care® Foaming Jewelry Cleaner, both of which use a non-ammoniated formula to safely and effectively clean your most precious, delicate jewelry.

What if you have antique, plated or fashion pieces? We would recommend the Clean + Care® Jewelry & Watch Cleaning Wipes, which allow you to clean pieces effectively without soaking, which is safer for pieces with glue.

Do you wear sterling silver jewelry? The Clean + Care® Silver Jewelry Cleaner helps remove tarnish with a formula that has a pleasant lavender scent to help mask the odor found in other tarnish removing products.

After using any of the cleaning options noted above, follow up with a polish and buffing with a Clean + Care® Jewelry + Watch Polishing Cloth. This completes the preferred two-step process of cleansing and polishing.

To make it easy, take our product quiz to find the best product for your jewelry. Or, view a complete chart of product recommendations for a wide variety of stones and metals, see the chart below.

What if your piece contains multiple elements, like different types of gemstones?

Before deciding on a cleaning formula, first figure out what component of the piece is most delicate. If a ring is made of a durable metal like gold and a hard gemstone like diamonds, an ammoniated fine jewelry cleaner is safe and effective. However, if your diamond piece is paired with a softer stone like pearls or emeralds, then you need to choose a gentle, non-ammoniated formula safe for the most delicate part of the piece.

How should you clean your jewelry when away from home?

If you travel frequently or spend a lot of time on the go, consider including a portable jewelry cleaning option in your repertoire. Cleaning products like the Clean + Care® Jewelry Cleaning Stick and Clean + Care® Jewelry & Watch Cleaning Wipes are easy to tuck into your luggage, desk drawer or gym bag and allow you to keep your pieces clean of sunblock, lotion and more. Clean + Care® Polishing Cloths and Microfiber Cloths are also perfect for touch-ups on the go.

Now we’ll share our jewelry cleaning super tip! Did you know that cleaning jewelry is really a two-step process?

Just like you both clean and moisturize your skin, you should both clean and polish your beloved jewelry. Cleaning can be done with liquid cleaners, sticks, wipes or an ultrasonic cleaner. This step removes grime and oils from the surface of gemstones and metals. Finishing your cleaning with a polishing cloth removes tarnish, smudges and fingerprints and buffs the piece to a beautiful shine. Clean + Care offers two cleaning kits with multiple products to clean and polish, so you have everything you need in one place. The Jewelry + Watch Cleaning Trio includes a Jewelry Cleaning Stick and Jewelry + Watch Cleaning Wipes with a Jewelry + Watch Polishing Cloth. The Jewelry Essentials Kit includes a jar of Gentle Jewelry Cleaner and a Jewelry + Watch Polishing Cloth.