Brush Just Right

  • Aug 14
Brush Just Right

Often when cleaning, we have a tendency to want to overdo it. We scrub too hard, or soak for as long as possible to be absolutely sure we are actually cleaning. An example: when we clean the floor, we want to scrub, especially with a brush. And while scrubbing can be effective, it can also easily be overdone.

In fact, did you know that up to 20 percent of the population has damaged gums due to over-brushing of their teeth? Imagine that pressure on a soft gemstone!

While the surfactants in our cleaning products will clean very well with soaking or some slight agitation, the touch-up brush included in our jars of jewelry cleaner is perfectly designed for an extra “scrub” when cleaning jewelry, without doing damage. And, it does a great job when there is dirt and grime caught in delicate settings and mountings.

Our products are designed, always, with the our customers in mind. We know that you want to safely jewelry at home, so we developed the best products for you to use. Offering a tool for scrubbing meets the need many have to “do something” when cleaning. Our touch-up tool makes sure you won’t damage your jewelry while doing so.